The project in Thailand is preparing to resume activities with the target groups

As pandemic restrictions are starting to carefully be eased, the project in Thailand is taking steps towards resuming its activities with the target groups. First step: preparation of the trainer force for Money Management training implementations. 

Due to travel and gathering restrictions, our trainers couldn’t either participate in ToT (Training of Trainers) measures nor carry out trainings with the target groups for 16 months, which made them feel out of practice and lowered their self-confidence. In order to address this need of additional support and to ensure the quality of the trainings, the project gathered its trainers together for two-days-Refresher workshops, which reinforced their knowledge and skills regarding both training methodology and training content.

Each trainer had to simulate the implementation of one Money Management module (by choice) and received qualitative feedback from their colleagues and master trainers afterwards. Besides deepening their understanding of training content, the trainers intensively discussed matters related to trainingdelivery, e.g., how to ask meaningful questions, how to relate and apply the knowledge to the target group’s daily life or how to activate the participants.

At the end of the workshops, the trainers affirmed to feel more self-confident, enthusiastic and “warmed-up” for upcoming training implementations. 

Besides the Money Management training, the project offers Savings Game simulations in selected schools of Isaan, Thailand’s Northeast provinces, which had also been put on hold for the last year and a half. As soon as these can be resumed, the trainers will come together again for another round of Refresher workshops, this time with focus on the Savings Game.

The project team remains optimistic that activities can be resumed during the year and even intends to train a third trainer batch in both Money Management and Savings Game which will give the project the possibility to expand the access to FL trainings to a larger audience withing the grassroot people of Isaan.

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