World Savings Day arrived in Vietnam for the first time

October 2021 marks an important milestone in activities of German Sparkassenstiftung (DSIK) in Vietnam. It is when the first World Savings Day (WSD) was brought here, celebrated by a chain of exciting activities.

Slogan for WSD 2021 by UEB - Vietnam National University. Source:

Mr. Christian Grajek in the Talkshow with VWA

The World Savings Day was established on October 31st, 1924 during the 1st International Savings Bank Congress (World Society of Sparkassen Banks) in Milano, Italy.

The WSD was held under the partnership of DSIK and the two partners in Vietnam: University of Economics and Business (UEB) - Vietnam National University and Vietnam Women’s Academy (VWA). DSIK is proud of being the co-organizer and sponsor of this special event.

The event was brought to students across Vietnam with series of activities, webinars, competitions with the main focus of strengthening Financial Literacy.

VWA and UEB started the chain of activities with contests for students, under different form but with the same purpose of Financial Education:

  • From September 8th – November 30th: VWA announced the happening of Students Video Contest

The Contest has attracted over 30 student teams. During the contest, students will learn by creating videos about financial management, their own story, what they learn, etc. The students are encouraged to use their creativity and research as much as possible.

The final students’ products will be presented and awarded by the end of November.

  •  From 5th to 31st of October: UEB started their activities with the Slogan for the WSD 2021 “Save now, Save your future”. The Students Savings Contest is hereby implemented.

The Contest attracted many students across Vietnam with numerous registrations. Fourteen teamswere selected, from which 5 of them got the opportunity to join in the final Gala Day 31st October.

During the month of WSD, many activities were implemented, those are information webinars for students, more contests, book-giving.

  • The 26th of October was the webinar by UEB about “Smart Finance for the age 20th”.

The two-hour-webinar gave students opportunity to approach knowledge about WSD, as well as how to manage personal finance. Under invitation of DSIK, Mr. Klaus Remmer from Sparkasse-Essen provided an informative video giving such valuable shares. His speech was highly appreciated by the students and received many positive feedbacks. Nearly 200 students joined the webinar and many expressed that they were indeed surprised by the information and really re-think about their savings plan.

  • The Book Launch Event on the 26th of October was implemented to introduce the handbooks about financial education. The books will be distributed to universities and beneficiaries across Vietnam. On this virtual event, nearly 500 guests attended including representatives of universities and academies in Vietnam, they expressed their deep appreciation for such meaningful activity.
  • Savings Game virtual event on the 28th of October was organized by UEB with the attendance of selected 40 participants to join this virtual contest.

The World Savings Day is recognized globally on 31st of October. This year 2021 in Vietnam, the gala nights were celebrated by VWA and UEB.

  • “Save now, Happy tomorrow” is the slogan of the talkshow on October 30th by VWA

The representatives from DSIK, Mr. Christian Grajek - Head of Vietnam Operations, Regional Coordinator South East Asia - was invited as a speaker of the Gala night, to share knowledge and experience in savings and budgeting. The talkshow approached over 7,500 people, with about 3,300views and more than 130 sharesin VWA’s platform.

  • Gala Day on October 31st by UEB

Five best teams in the Students Savings Contest had a heated competition on this day. All teams showed excellent knowledge as well as practical ways of applying it for students. From DSIK, Ms. Anna Szalwicki - Junior Regional Coordinator South East Asia, was giving an opening speech and attended as one judge for the final competition. The event attracted over 500 online participants.

Along with the chain of WSD event, DSIK is sponsoring for the Stock Market Learning in Vietnam. This is the second year this activity took place, attracting more and more engagement from targeted beneficiaries who are students. The account registered for this competition was counted 495, marked approximately ten times higher than the first year it was implemented (2020). The number speaks itself – the activities receive more and more interest and involvement thanks to the true meaning they bring.

>> Check the video about WSD – Shares from Mr. Klaus Remmer

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