Stock Market Learning (Planspiel Börse) 2021-2022 in Vietnam

From early October 2021, after over 4 months, the final awarding night of the Stock Market Learning in Vietnam took place on the 28 of January 2022. This year the event was celebrated virtually, but that does not make the atmosphere any less exciting!

The open for registration was from September 20th 2021, and after less than 2 months, on the 17th of November, the Stock Market Learning game was known and received participation of almost 500 teams and individuals. This is the second year this Planspiel Börse to be implemented in Vietnam, the first game started in 2020 and attracted 30 active accounts.

With the partnership between DSIK and UEB (University of Economics and Business, Vietnam National University), this year’s event created a bigger impact to university students across Vietnam. The Stock Market Learning is a platform which reflects real stock market fluctuation, through which the attendees have the opportunities to test, try investing – and learn. This year in Vietnam, the majority of the game’s participants are students as a part of our cooperation with the partner Vietnam National University in the Financial Literacy topic.

Every student was in a competition with other nearly 500 teams to get to the top 6 teams. The “Total Account Value” first prize team “iMyself” earned 4,639.95 euro with the original 50,000 euro given in the fictional portfolio; and for the “Sustainability” it was “tinkerbell333” with 2,759.04 euro.

Ms. Anna Szalwicki – Junior Regional Coordinator South East Asia, was representative of DSIK to give a speech for the night, and award the final prizes to 6 top teams in 2 prize sectors “Total Account Value” and “Sustainability”. The awards are motivation for the students’ effort, as well as the encouragement for their future learning process.

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