First Donation project of DSIK “Ukraine: Save the agricultural production!”

German Sparkassenstiftung recently opens the first fundrasing project called “Ukraine: Save the agricultural production!”

The German Sparkassenstiftung DSIK has been active in Ukraine for many years, and with this donation, we aim to make it a revolving credit fund. This fund will help farmers to finance the materials and activities that are urgently needed in the agricultural production cycle. The credit fund is managed by our long-term project partners "Kredyt-Sojus" and "Anisia", with whom we already cooperated in other projects. We help with loan funds, meanwhile provide expert advice to them and the farmers

Grain production in Ukraine is highly important for Europe, it is also a critical food staple in Africa and Asia. The current war pushes remaining farmers into difficult situations. Those farmers in western Ukraine is in lack diesel, fertilizer and seeds, which causes serious consequences for the harvest.

Everyone is welcomed to participate! To find out more, please visit the official link to the call for donation.

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