Driving Sustainable Finance: Insights from Bhutan's Groundbreaking Workshop

We're thrilled to unveil the highlights from a one-day workshop held on October 23, 2023, in Thimphu, Bhutan. This pioneering event was centered around ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) risk management and Green Finance/Sustainability Management, convening experts and stakeholders committed to propelling positive change.

The workshop saw active participation from representatives of the Royal Monetary Authority (RMA), Bhutan's financial regulatory body, and professionals representing diverse financial institutions. Their presence underscored Bhutan's unwavering dedication to championing sustainable financial practices. Prof. Dr. Tobias Peylo, a leading authority in Green Finance and Sustainability from DSIK, spearheaded discussions on ESG risk management and Green Finance.

Featuring presentations and interactive discussions, the workshop provided comprehensive insights into the Risk Radar and Green Finance Compass. These sessions were designed to foster in-depth understanding and collaboration among all participants.

This workshop was a pivotal moment as ESG Risk Management and Green Finance have emerged as imperative factors in today's global financial landscape. These practices address environmental and social concerns while ensuring financial stability and fostering growth. Bhutan's commitment to sustainable development was exemplified through this workshop.

The event concluded with a reinvigorated commitment to integrate the acquired knowledge into the financial strategies of the participating institutions. It vividly demonstrated that change commences with knowledge and the determination of individuals and organizations. Bhutan's journey toward a greener, more sustainable future is well underway, and workshops of this nature play a crucial role in shaping this transformative journey.

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