The German Sparkassenstiftung (DSIK) is supporting CARD Myanmar in professionalizing its microfinance activities. This includes a further strategic development with a special focus on business continuity management, digitization and capacity development for specialists and middle management.  

To increase the level of dissemination and reach a larger number of people, online and media-related financial education activities will be increasingly used. Activities are planned through collaboration with the Myanmar Micro Finance Association (MFA) and Thitsa Works, a media specialist for financial education and inclusion.  

A high degree of uncertainty results from the current political developments in the country and the resulting risks to economic development, particularly regarding the stability of the financial sector and the currency. The Partner Institution's technical support under the project can significantly facilitate operations in a difficult external environment.  

Should the scenario of a dislocation of Myanmar's banking sector materialize, MFIs will have a significant role to play in providing financial services to the population and stabilizing the local economy. At the same time, MFIs themselves are interconnected with the banking sector. Further developments in the country remain to be seen. 

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