Recommended book for personal finance - “Understanding money to avoid worries”

The book “Understanding money to avoid worries” (in Vietnamese: “Khéo khôn với tiền, tránh những ưu phiền”) was launched with great success recently. Ms. Le Thi Thuy Sen, the author of the book, is also holding the position as General Director of Communication Department, State Bank of Vietnam – has been a heartfelt promoter of the German Sparkassenstiftung and its Financial Literacy activities in Vietnam. 

The book is presented in the form of comic, directly benefiting the young generation of Vietnam with easy-going and catchy characters and stories. As it provides knowledge about finance, each topic is a story around a family with the help of a “finance doctor”. Through simple stories that happen in the daily life of all families, financial knowledge was given with topics such as: What is money? What is inflation? Understanding stocks, bonds; What to know when having a Savings account; and many more. Traditional Vietnamese literature style was also combined in the book, with the use of sayings and idioms which were taught verbally through Vietnamese generations.  

Mr. Christian Grajek, Head of Vietnam Operations and Regional Coordinator Southeast Asia of the German Sparkassenstiftung, recommends especially families with children to read the book: “Countries around the world are interested in educating children about financial knowledge. For developing countries like Vietnam, the publication of a financial education book is extremely meaningful. This book is a financial guide for families who want their children to have good financial knowledge and skills. The financial content is inherently difficult to understand, but has been vividly expressed through simple, understandable and easy-to-understand stories in the book. I hope many children and parents will read this useful and valuable book.” said Mr. Christian Grajek. 

For more information about the book, please follow the link to Kim Dong publishing house.