Stock Market Learning

Stock Market Learning is a stock exchange simulation. Participants have the opportunity to become a broker through the online platform and invest their virtual capital.  

The aim of the game is to invest as successfully as possible and gain the highest profit.  The fictitious purchases and sales are evaluated with real prices. With this, the participants can invest and learn without risk. 

In addition to the value evaluation of the investment portfolio, the focus is also on sustainability. For that reason, there is also a sub-competition in which the participant wins who makes the most profit through sustainable investments. 

In line with the principle "learning by doing", participants in Stock Market Learning can acquire basic economic knowledge and stock market expertise. The contest in English language has a duration of 17 weeks. 

The contest targets students, trainees, teachers as well as bank trainees and bank employees. As a student competition it is also suitable for integration and practical supplementation in university seminars as done in Vietnam since 2020. 

The Stock Market Learning is originated from Germany and licensed by the German Sparkassen-Finanzgruppe. However, we have the opportunity to bring Stock Market Learning to South East Asia.  

If you are interested in implementing the Stock Market Learning in your organization, please do not hesitate to contact us via

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