The German Sparkassenstiftung (DSIK) is supporting the Vietnam Women's Union (VWU) in professionalizing its microfinance and microinsurance activities. This includes a further strategic development of the partner institutions Tinh Thuong Microfinance Institution (TYM) and Micro Insurance Fund (MIF) with a special focus on business continuity management, digitization and capacity development for specialists and middle management.

In addition, DSIK has received a request from the State Bank of Vietnam (SBV) for support in implementing the "National Financial Inclusion Strategy". The requested support covers the review of the legal framework for microfinance institutions and their contribution to the provision of financial services, but also cross-cutting issues such as consumer protection and financial literacy. 

Furthermore, lecturers at selected universities (VNU, VBA, BUH and VWA) are to be trained in appropriate methods of imparting knowledge, thus promoting the development of personnel capacities for financial institutions in Vietnam. The training of the students, as potential employees in financial institutions is to be more strongly adapted to practical needs and to contain more practice-related components (in the sense of a "dual" training). In addition, typical DSIK events such as the World Savings Day (WSD) or the stock market simulation game are being implemented in Vietnamese universities for such purposes.  

The project activities are rounded off by the financial education of customers of financial institutions and students.  

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