Cryptocurrency Series New Release!

Understanding the trend of blockchain’s role in the digital world, along with the rising of cryptocurrency and NFTs usage and trading – the German Sparkassenstiftung regional project Southeast Asia has worked on a series of cryptocurrencies and NFTs.

The three videos are the basic knowledge one needs to understand about blockchains; here the focus is cryptocurrency and NFTs. The idea came from the observation during the project activities, when we see many people enter this new market without a proper understanding, not even fundamental knowledge or definitions. This leads to the consequence of significant losses, and investing in cryptocurrencies and NFTs is somewhat compared to “a lottery submission”.

The series is released with the ultimate goal of giving audiences fundamental knowledge and awareness. It covers:

  • How crypto and NFTs work – with a simple explanation of fundamental terms. It covers the definition of Blockchain and Cryptocurrency. For that, all related terms are mentioned, namely Mining, Decentralization, NFTs and some use cases for cryptocurrencies. The price fluctuation is also brought up for the audience’s better acknowledgement.
  • Going more profound in the topic is the exchanges and how to trade and store cryptos. Popular cryptocurrency exchanges are exampled, and the question of how to pick one is solved. Cryptocurrency wallet, including hot wallet and cold wallet, is also a topic that’s concerned; from this, one should know how to safely store their asset.
  • Last but not least, understanding risks and opportunities is crucial so that one knows what to trade and how much. The 3rd video explains the big opportunities cryptocurrencies contain, as well as the enormous risks that one needs to accept. This includes market and personal risks, from which we come up with investment rules as consultation to consider.

At the moment, the series is available in English, Vietnamese and Burmese. The idea and references also came up from the real situations of these project countries. However, by making the videos neutral and informative – we try to reach as many audiences as possible, hoping to make them useful for numerous groups of beneficiaries. After all, our goal is to bring awareness, and education, hence creating as much impact as we humbly could.

For more information on the series and other videos about German Sparkassenstiftung, visit our Videos page and Asia Youtube channel

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