DSIK collaborated with three Vietnamese University to celebrate the World Savings Day

"Golden Bell" competition in VWA

VBA's "Smart Finance" Competition

Students in finance competition

In a shared commitment to promoting financial literacy and responsible money management, three prominent Vietnamese universities - VBA (Vietnam Banking Academy), VWA (Vietnam Women's Academy), and UEB (University of Economics and Business), joined hands for the third consecutive year to celebrate World Savings Day alongside DSIK. The event sought to heighten awareness about the significance of savings and financial planning while providing a platform for students to bolster their financial acumen through engaging competitions and insightful workshops. 

VBA's "Smart Finance" Competition and "Personal Finance Capacity" Workshop: 

Taking a proactive stance on World Savings Day, VBA orchestrated the "Smart Finance" competition, urging students to apply their financial knowledge in real-world scenarios. This competition, with a 3-round-elimination format, aimed to identify the most talented candidate and offered participants a stage to showcase their analytical skills and innovative financial solutions. Concurrently, VBA hosted the "Personal Finance Capacity" workshop, where experts shared practical insights on managing personal finances effectively, underscoring the importance of building a robust financial foundation. DSIK also contributed over 100 financial business books to the school's library on this occasion. 

VWA's "Golden Bell" Competition and multifaceted Talk Shows: 

Acknowledging the diverse interests of its student body, VWA organized the "Golden Bell" competition, seamlessly integrating financial knowledge with a competitive spirit. This competition not only assessed participants' financial knowledge but also fostered teamwork and creative problem-solving. Additionally, VWA engaged over 12 faculties and 1600 freshmen in a series of talk shows covering a spectrum of financial topics, providing a comprehensive understanding of various facets of financial management. 

UEB's "MasterFin" Competition and diverse Workshops: 

Contributing to the World Savings Day festivities, UEB presented the "MasterFin" competition, a dynamic event challenging participants to showcase their mastery of financial concepts. Complementing this competition, UEB organized diverse workshops, such as "Finance Protector" and "Investment Strategy during a Recession," offering practical insights and strategies for navigating the complexities of financial markets. These initiatives aimed to ensure that students were well-equipped to make informed financial decisions. 

Collaborative Efforts and Impact: 

The collaboration between VBA, VWA, and UEB exemplified a united commitment to nurturing financial literacy among the student community. Through their combined efforts, the universities curated a diverse range of activities catering to different interests and learning styles. The impact of these initiatives extends beyond the World Savings Day celebrations, contributing to the long-term goal of creating a financially literate and responsible generation. 

World Savings Day acted as a catalyst for meaningful engagements and educational initiatives at VBA, VWA, and UEB, supported by DSIK. Through competitions, workshops, and talk shows, these universities showcased their dedication to equipping students with the knowledge and skills needed to navigate the complexities of personal finance. The collaborative efforts underscore the importance of a holistic approach to financial education, ensuring that students are not only aware of the significance of savings but are also empowered to make informed and responsible financial decisions throughout their lives.